What is Perry Weather?

What is Perry Weather?

Perry Weather is your go-to solution for on-site weather monitoring and alerting. 

With real-time weather tracking from your precise location, Perry Weather takes the guesswork out of weather safety, so you can focus on what matters most.

Here's How We Help

Perry Weather’s easy-to-use mobile app and web dashboard, on-site weather station, and optional outdoor warning system empowers you to:

  1. Make Lightning-Fast Decisions
  • Get instant alerts and fast, automated warnings, so you can make quick decisions to protect your team, property, and operations.
  1. Make Tracking the Weather a Breeze

Our weather monitoring stations keep a constant eye on the environment, tracking lightning, heat stress, precipitation, wet bulb globe temperature, and much more!

  1. Make Informed Decisions

Call, text, or email our meteorologists any time, any day to help you decide what to do when the weather gets tricky.

  1. Seamlessly Integrate your Policies

Effortlessly automate your existing weather safety protocols so you always know exactly what to do. 

  1. Track All Your Properties in One Platform

Monitor weather conditions across all your locations from a single, user-friendly platform.


Getting Started with Perry Weather

New to Perry Weather? We've got you covered!  Explore our Help Center for a step-by-step guide on setting up and utilizing the full capabilities of our platform.

Looking to set up Perry Weather for your organization?

Learn more about our solutions and features available. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team directly at support@perryweather.com.