Settings page

Controlling your personal settings in the mobile app

Alert Times

  1. The down arrow next to 'Alert Times' will expand a dropdown list
  2. Tap the bell-shaped icon next to any day to prevent alerts on that day
  3. Toggle on the button next to 24hrs to receive alerts all day for a specific day
  4. Drag the line on any day to change the timeframe in which you receive alerts
  5. Make sure to click save when you're done adjusting the times!

My Location Tracking

  1. Toggle the button to the right to enable the 'My Location' feature
  2. You can turn this feature on or off at any time (when it is off you will lose My Location on your home page/dashboard)


  1. You have three options for notifications - OFF, SMS (text messages) or PUSH (notifications from the mobile app)
  2. If you'd like to use SMS, make sure you've added a mobile number to your account
  3. The 'Recent Notifications' tab will show you the last 50 notifications you've received from Perry Weather, in case you'd like to view your message history