How do I test my outdoor warning system or strobe light?

Mobile App

  1. Tap the "OWS" button from your settings page.
  2. Tap the unit(s) you want to test.
  3. When you've successfully selected the unit(s), it will be highlighted in yellow and your "Next" button will appear. You will be able to test your delay siren, test your all clear siren and turn on your strobe light individually. 

NOTE: the "turn off" button does not deactivate or turn off your unit, it will turn off the test you're running. 

Web Dashboard

  1. Go to the on-site hardware page.
  2. You will see the "Select Test" drop-down on the unit(s) you need to test. Click the dropdown and choose to test the delay siren, all clear siren or turn on your strobe light.
  3. The option to "stop" the test will appear after you've clicked the test. 

NOTE: to test multiple units at once, check the unit boxes in the top right corner. A "Bulk Actions" button will appear in the page header and will allow you to test your units in bulk.

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