Homepage guide

From current weather to any potential policy risks, view all your data from one central dashboard.

Add your organization location

  1. Log in to the web dashboard here
  2. Click the "Add Location" button from the top corner of the homepage. 
  3. Select the location you need to monitor and save. Note- if you don't see all of your locations available, contact support@perryweather.com.

Your weather station data

  1. If you have a Perry Weather weather station installed at the location you've added, you will see a picture and all of your current conditions data will populate from the station.
  2. The current conditions box is where you can find temperature, rainfall, wet bulb globe temperature, and more. This data updates every 5 minutes on the platform.
  3. We will store all of your weather station data. You can access that data anytime by clicking the "historical" link from the current conditions box.

Lightning Status

  1. Lightning zones will be determined by your group policies or personal location settings outside of your group policies.
  2. During a delay, you will see a 

Based on your group policies, this box will display the lightning zones you need to monitor for a delay. During a delay, you will see a flashing delay countdown timer. The timer resets every time a new strike occurs within your lightning zones. Once you've reached the all-clear timeframe it will display that status. 

Conditions snapshot

  1. Choose your condition (WBGT, Temperature, Wind Speed).
  2. View a rolling 3 hours of past data for the day. 

Map and live radar

  1. View radar, strike data, storm cells, active NWS alerts, tropical models, and more!
  2. The lightning zones displayed on the map surrounding your location are determined by your group policies or personal location settings outside of your group policies.
  3. View all strikes in a system that have occurred within a 30-minute time frame. The strikes will be color-coded to show their age at a glance. (0-5 mins, 5-15 mins, 15-30 mins). 
  4. Click the "past" button to view future radar (1 hour) or extended radar (3 days). Just press play!
  5. Click the layers button in the right corner of the map to view the additional map layers mentioned above.

Today's Policy Risks

We'll give you a heads-up if, based on the forecast, you'll breach one of your group policies. If you only have group policies set up for lightning, you will not see any information here.

Forecast Breakdown

  1. View hourly or daily data by clicking and dragging anywhere in the box.
  2. Click on a condition to see spikes or dips in the data.