Create a policy

New Policy notification settings

  1. Navigate to the Policies page and click the "Add Policies" button in the top right corner.
  2. Choose the lightning zone and/or current condition you need to create the policy for.
  3. The Notify At * threshold will trigger the notification.
  4. The All Clear * threshold indicates how long you want the system to wait to expire the policy warning once it has left the trigger threshold. This is optional for all policies except lightning.
  5. You can customize who receives this policy alert by assigning it to user groups. If everyone needs it, select the "apply to all groups" option.

New Policy actions

  1. If you want the policy to send a notification to Perry Weather users, make sure you keep the action boxes selected. 
  2. If you only want the policy to display a dashboard indication of a policy breach, you can deselect the action boxes and users will not receive an alert.
  3. We will display a preview message of what the alert will say. This message is not editable. 
  4. To add more information to the alert, add it to the additional message box.